Etex High Quality Control Process


ETEX focus on high quality blinds fabric design & manufacturing.
Since establishing, we forge the company culture of quality first in all the works mind and keep it as our living base.
To match the high requirement criterion of international demand, we build up technological and professional quality control process.

1. In weaving process, we choose the most strong and qualified yarn to weave, this ensure the good quality and long lifespan for our fabrics

2. We cooperated with good organized dyeing house to dye our materials. Aim to the best color matching and color consistence for series orders. What’s more important is the color fastness.

3. After dyeing, we arrange inspection for meter by meter of the dyed fabrics. Fixing the problems and sort out the defect parts or color vary parts.
Only keep the most suit parts for further productions.

4. The next step to setting the fabrics in coating machine, its avoid the weft deviations. And make the fabric into strong stable texture performance.

5. During coating, we choose the high quality chemical rather than normal quality ones. This give our fabric great function and quality feature for sun protection, UV block or Fire proof.

6. After cutting, we make very strict test on blinds hanging and cutting QC.
Control the defect and sort out the best rolls for export.

7. The shipment will be arranged after all approval by clients and passed our quality control processes.
Thanks to above high criterion of quality control, ETEX fabrics always granted as a supreme products in the world.

Post time: Jul-17-2020